The Wrath and the Dawn

Ever since Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic swashbuckled her way into my life earlier this year I have craved strong, feisty heroines (you can see where V.E. Schwab made me speechless here). 

I have longed for pirates and adventure and so much magic, and I have not been let down in the books I have read this year.

I honestly didn't expect for The Wrath and the Dawn to affect me as much as it has; ever since I finished this story late last night it has taken a part of my heart as its home. It's thrilling. I put it down for ten minutes before I turned my light back on, grabbed the book off my shelf, and read until I reached the end. AND THAT END. Wow. 

There are so many moments and scenes that keep replaying in my head, and I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to wait an entire year for the next glimpse into these characters' lives. GOSH. WHY. 

Renée Ahdieh created a beautiful female hero who is fiercely loyal and extremely quick in her remarks; Shahrzad is brilliantly fun. I was so proud of her for speaking her mind whenever she felt the need to. Renée Ahdieh is such a witty writer, and I really loved her style. I never read a disjointed sentence; they constantly flowed. Her words were so filling and honest. 

And the world building reads like a dream.

And let me just talk about the swordsmanship tournament; the drills the men participated in were so beautifully written that my hands were gripping either side of my book, and I think I sat straight up in my bed, eyes wide, and held my breath until the scene ended. My most favorite scene, for sure! 

I don't know what the heck I'm going to do, especially after reading the first chapter of the second book! And, of course, the last chapter broke my heart a little bit. 

But I love it, and I will just patiently wait each dawn until the next book arrives.