A Modern Way to Eat

Let me get this off my chest: I don't cook. 

My friends know this, my family knows this, and even my dog knows this about me. I've never been too good at it, and I've always demanded instant gratification. 

Anna Jones makes me want to put a meal together. 

And it's not just because her book is aesthetically gorgeous; it's because she makes me feel like it's possible to not be a complete failure in the kitchen. 

I really enjoyed how casual this cookbook was, and even the lowercase letters throughout made me feel like I was an equal in the kitchen. There are not photos for every meal, but Anna's words easily help to paint a picture for the reader. I particularly enjoyed the "overnight oats with peaches" recipe.

The picture is flawless, the recipe is simple, and the serving size is perfect for my two person home. It's really hard for me to eat breakfast (mainly because it is such a heavy meal), but this is definitely something I plan to snack on in the mornings. I also really appreciate all of the different takes on pancakes and waffles; Anna knows the way to my heart. 

And that is the great thing about this cookbook; Anna wants us to have a positive influence on the environment. It's so, so hard to find recipes where the serving size is only two. It's also difficult to find a cookbook that really roots for you to save money and stay healthy. Each recipe in Anna's book looks so filling and positive without making me feel like I need to make a large trip to the market. 

I'm excited to try more of Anna's recipes in my new kitchen in a few weeks; I believe it's going to have me reaching for it quite a lot. 






*In compliance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that I received this book through Blogging for Books for this review.