Second Chance Summer

My head hurts from crying so, so hard. I used a hand towel instead of kleenex for this book; I needed something heavy duty. Wow. 

Morgan Matson has easily become one of my favorite Young Adult authors, ever. 

Not only is she a great writer and storyteller, but she knows that boys really are not what makes the world go around, and I love that about her. 

A part of me wishes I had read Second Chance Summer before Amy and Roger's Epic Detour and Since You've Been Gone, because I didn't cry in those two like I did in this one, and now I'm just a mess. 

And I know why this story affected me: my grandmother. She wasn't ill in the way Taylor's dad was ill, but the deterioration of her health happened in the same way as his. One day she was my healthy, vibrant grandmother and then she wasn't. And it didn't really hit me that she was gone until a year later when I was driving down the road and wished with everything I had that I could just call her up and talk to her, because she really was the only person I could talk to about things. I missed her so much while reading this book, and I will always miss her.

This book was really hard to read for that reason and because Morgan describes, really well, what it's like to watch someone deteriorate in front of you. It was difficult because I felt like I really got to know and love Taylor's dad, and it was hard to think about how bright and strong of a character he was at the beginning of the story and then what he was like at the end.

My heart hurts, but I cannot recommend this book enough.