Since You've Been Gone

Since You've Been Gone was such a joy to read, and there is a huge part of me that wishes I hadn't flown through it the way I did (but it was just so fun and awesome and good). 

I wish I had savored every little moment that Emily experienced. I wish I could go back and restart this story, because it constantly put a smile on my face, and there were quite a few times when I laughed out loud alone in my room while reading. 

"I'm still just sorry about this-making you drive me on my birthday." He glanced over at me, one eyebrow raised, and it occurred to me after a moment this wasn't quite right. "Your birthday," I said, trying to get my thoughts in line. "Drive me on your birthday."

I found myself thinking about Emily and Sloane and Frank and Collins and Dawn a lot after I finished, and I found myself smiling because of them. Morgan Matson's characters had the greatest quirks, and I really love that Emily listens to country music and how passionate Frank is about the tree frog population. 

This story really encapsulates friendship, and I have had my own friends who have disappeared before without even leaving me a list of tasks to complete. I think getting over a friendship is one of the most difficult and grown-up things a person might have to do, because our friends have a way of defining us.

I used to believe my identity was attached to the friends I had, and I didn't know who I was after I lost the ones I had made in college. I thought I was weak without them, and I had to learn that I was my own person. Emily realizes this too, and she realizes that she is brave and passionate and wonderful herself. She surprises herself, and I think we all have the power to do that. She learns how to make new friends, and she learns that they love her because of who she is and not just because she is Sloane's friend. 

“I was still a little amazed that this was happening. That this, the thing that had seemed so impossible, so terrifying, so utterly beyond me, was happening. I was having fun. And that I was the one who made it happen. "I did it," I said out loud, sendind my voice up to the stars above me, not really caring if the others heard me.”

Oh, and Frank. I really have no words for Frank, and I just feel the corners of my mouth tug up every time I think of him. He was just so different from other contemporary characters. 

I wish everyone in the world knew how important this sentence is:

“Date someone who'll wait to make sure you get inside before driving away.”

I'm eager to read more of Morgan Matson's work now, and I'm going to attempt to savor and not devour her next book (if I can).