Why are all of your book reviews positive?

Reading is my greatest joy; I rarely dislike the books I choose to read because I heavily research stories before diving into them, but that doesn't mean that I've never read a book I didn't like. You won't see negative reviews here because I have chosen to write only about the books I love

what genres do you read?

I fell out of love with the joy of reading in college. I was an English Literature major spending all of my time buried in hundreds of pages each week and constantly behind. I forgot what it was like to read for fun until I graduated. A friend pushed Eleanor & Park on me and was reminded of  what it was like to fall in love with a book. I found V.E Schwab on the bottom shelf of a bookstore and remembered what it was like to be in love with an adventure. You'll find me reading anything that makes me feel something, but I typically am reading adventure and YA. 

why don't you post more consistently?

Because I am currently fully employed (YAY). Sometimes I get out of the habit of writing and fall behind but am working to change that. I also try to only post writing I am proud of about things that matter to me. 


What is the wild hunt?

The Wild Hunt is a passion project I co-edit with one of my greatest friends, Ariell. If you're ever in need of a German translator, this is your girl. Ariell approached me about the magazine a few years ago, asking if we should just do it. We did it. Please read it. If you like it, please consider supporting it so we can continue to support writers who may not have a home at another literary magazine. If you're a writer, please submit your story. 

What are you working on right now?

I'm trying to put all of my focus into my work, my own writing, and The Wild Hunt. I just bought a house and new car and should probably do my best to be good at my job so that I don't lose these things. I also have a fiancé and two dogs who need me occasionally throughout the day, but, when I have down time, I work on a story that I've had in my head for a few years about these really great characters that I hope you'll meet one day. 



Does anyone read this?

You're reading this.