Friends Are like Milk Duds

I've been mindlessly scrolling through Facebook lately, and I have noticed this flippant trend where people "share" these really educational posts. I have a few favorites, but I can't decide if "Ten Reasons Why He Is Your Soulmate" or "Twenty-Three Reasons Why You Should Wait to Get Married" is my number one. Now, I'm not going to lie, I read these posts. They are fun, sometimes creative, and they never fail to make me laugh. It's like reading your horoscope. According to Cafe Astrology:

"Interactions with others, especially friends or associates, can be intense today, dear Pisces. You are especially persuasive, but if a friend is too pushy or seems to have a hidden agenda, this can irritate you. You could be in the position to make changes to your circle of friends, and decisions can be tough. However, there is a "cleaning up" energy with us now that ultimately brings us to a stronger place. Outworn attitudes and activities that no longer serve you well may need to be left behind. Today is powerful for your intuition and for connecting and harmonizing with an important person in your life.

Creativity: Excellent, Love: Excellent, Business: Good"

Creativity? Check. Love? Double check. Business? So true. I still can't find a job, and I'm graduating in a month. However, I take the above statement from Cafe Astrology with a grain of salt, but it did bring me to this idea of friendship. Friends are like Milk Duds. There might be one or two who will never cause you pain; however, there will be plenty who stick to your teeth with fervor. They will bring you nothing but cavities, root canals and force you on a search for lots and lots and lots of Vicodin. And the most painful part is that you'll still ask for them at the movies the next time you go. I've had my share of milk duds. I've had cousins I've grown up with turn away from me, friends I thought would do anything for me turn the other way when I needed them most, people who act like I never existed in their lives. And it hurts. You are NOT pathetic for being hurt by this. Being let down is the worst, and I've come to see that I expect too much out of people. I expect my friends to do all the things I would do for them. I expect them to know that I don't have a car, so I need a ride to the grocery store or I'll starve. I expect them to invite me to their friends houses. I expect to be included in group texts. I expect. And I have some really cool friends, don't get me wrong. I love the people in my life now, but they still tend to let me down. I've only had a few friends this semester pick me up from campus so I don't have to walk two miles home in the dark. I've only had one offer without me mentioning the fact that I would be walking home in the dark without her. She's had Milk Dud friends too, however. She knows what  it's like to not be invited, not be in the group text, not be in the Facebook photos. So: "One Way to Tell You Are a Good Friend" 1. A good friend has cavities too.