Eight Literary Quotes You Might Fall in Love with

I love words, and when you love words you end up loving sentences. Sometimes I find myself desperately searching  Pinterest  for a group of words that make me feel something. Sometimes I read a book and words just jump up and grab at my throat like these. Then I read lists on Facebook that contain "literary" quotes; however, they never are what I'm expecting them to be.

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Diplomas Smell Like Freshman Year

I ripped open the envelope that contained my college diploma this week, and I was surprised at what I felt when I held it in my hand. I felt old, obviously. And I felt so proud of myself, and I know everyone goes to college these days; however, I still couldn't stop the smile that formed. 

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Alexandria Gryder Comment
Disguising a No with a Lie

I pretend to be a badass; however, people are my weakness. I don't know what it is about the word 'no' that freaks me out, but I'm sure it has to do with a fear of being disliked, and as much as I hate to admit that I care about what people think of me, I do. 

I know I'm not the only person in the world who feels this way, and I also know I'm not the only person who has come up with a scapegoat for saying "nah" while attempting to look like a good person. 

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New Years Eve Sounds like Popcorn

2015 just began, and people are all over their social media platforms exclaiming how much weight they plan on losing, how much better this year will be from last and how much they learned from 2014, and I commend these people for making these goals and posting brave statements on Facebook; however, I feel like we should be learning every year, and each year should be better than the last.

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