My Most Favorite Places to Read

If you are a lover of stories then I'm sure you have a special place you go to devour them.

If you are like me then I'm sure that special place changes based on how much you love the book you are holding in your hands, the weather, and the genre you are reading. 

I decided to share all of my favorite reading spots with you guys this week. They are usually the background for my Instagram and Twitter posts, and maybe we will even have a few in common! 


James River Beach

I grew up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and I constantly crave the ocean because of this. I spent the last five years of my life feeling landlocked in Oxford, Mississippi; I really loved the quaintness of Oxford, but I really missed the water while I was away.

James River Beach in Virginia isn't the ocean but it's still really pretty to look at! I'm lucky enough to have this view as my backyard for the time being, and when it's not 109º outside I really enjoy sitting in one the chairs pictured above and soaking my toes in the water and my eyes in the words. 


Obviously this is a given, especially on a rainy day when I don't feel like leaving the house. However, I actually tend to read my most beloved books in my bedroom alone, at night. I think it it has something to do with not being bothered by things and people around me. I usually have the television on (at a very low volume) for background noise, and I shut my door so that I'm not interrupted. There is just something about being by myself in my room with my characters that makes me so happy inside. I also enjoy reading when others are not watching me or reading over my shoulder to see where I am at. 


coffee houses


Aromas [pictured above] is one of the neatest little coffee shops in Williamsburg, VA (I also adore The Daily Grind), and it's much less crowded now that summer has started and the students have meandered out of town (is this how the locals felt after I left school?). The walls are filled with precious and rich art, and I am particularly fond of the iced coffee they serve. Everything tastes like a cloud, and the brew is reasonably priced for kids like me who spend most of their money on books, unlike other coffee shops who charge $6 for a small cup (that's a paperback!). 

I love reading at Aromas when I can find the time, because it feels like a creative space. No one seems to judge the book you pull out of your purse, and the music is pretty delicious too. Plus, who doesn't love sipping on coffee while flying through a few hundred pages? 



It's finally summer again! Not that I don't appreciate being bundled up on the couch and reading while snow flurries drop down behind me, but it really is nice to be able to read outside after six months of wearing Gore-Tex pants. 

I also don't mind reading on the golf course while John is playing; however, I'm beginning to lower my score this season, so I haven't been skipping as many rounds as I did last summer. 

Do you have any special places you read? Tell me about them in the comment section below!