The Polegreen church


September 26, 2017

"John, please pull over."

We were on our way back to Williamsburg after attending a wedding in D.C. John was tired - he was a groomsman and had been, according to him, subjected to hundreds, no, thousands of photos. 

We weren't even supposed to be driving. We had planned to take an early train up to the city but John had to pick up his tuxedo before checking into the hotel and felt it would be easier to just take a car instead. 



March 21, 2017

On your first day of college you will think you are lost. Do not panic - you are standing right in front of your dorm without even realizing it. You will never forget what that building looks like again, and, in the future, you will smile when you think back on this memory. 

You have a habit of wearing your emotions over your sweaters. 


An Open letter to my parents

November 9, 2016

Last night I cried into my pillow like the child I was once to the both of you, but this time it was not over a skinned knee or a cruel classmate or a book.

I cried because sixteen years ago you gave me a gift that I will forever be grateful for.